The magic of began in THAILAND, in 1910. We remain in the same technic that we continue with tradition of producing limited quantities of the finest hand -crafted jewellery .

is proud to be historic Thai jeweller. Over 100 years of experience it has become famous for its magnificent design and recognised as works of art. Quality and creativity are the hallmarks of MaKham. 

The focus of our business is precious metals. Our core competencies are art and management of precious metals. We will create exceptional value for our customers in a culture of art, innovation, trust and respect.

We will deliver high quality products and services to customers that provide solutions, add value and exceed expectations.

At , the creation of a collection begins with inspiration, passion and a feeling for motifs that result in an idea. it is creative process that requires time and an open attitude to new things. our artists, goldsmiths and fashion stylists incorporate their knowledge and creativity into every single step of production.

The story.   Around the year 1910. 

On the quiet bank of the Menam Noi (NOI River) in the San-Chao-Rong-Tong area of  WisetChaichan,  Ang Thong… Mr. Chen Kid Yee came and set up trade as a goldsmith under the shade of a big tamarind tree.  With few simple tools but fertile imagination and masterly skills,  he crafted works of gold,  gold-bronze and silver.   As years went by,  He won fame as the Goldsmith of the Tamarind Tree.  

The Tamarind Tree was deeply rooted in the same forbearing earth. With devotion and tenacity, " Yindee", sixth daughter of  Mr. Chen Kid Yee and his wife, Mrs. Pao Pee, continued the family trade with encouragement, foresight and flair from her life partner, Mr. Chai, the Tree grew and bore the fruits of its original worth…

… Unique  craftsmanship and designs.

… Care of the natural beauty of gold.

… Honesty and fairness to valued customers.

Around the year 1957,

The Tamarind Tree still stood firm on the river bank, its foliage incessantly renewed, its branches continuously spreading. " Fongchan", first born grand daughter and eldest daughter, was born and bred under the shade of the Tamarind Tree amidst the atmosphere of unique artistic creation. From smelting to designing, creating and polishing,  Mrs. Fongchan took to the practice with stamina and determination.

When her father passed away before his time in 1960, she took over the business, which has been carried on with success until today.  The business has been expanded into her locality and other provinces.

Almost a hundred years have passed.  The seedlings of the old Tamarind tree have come, along with it, legacy, to Ayutthaya, the ancient capital, as well as Bangkok, the modern capital.

Under the shade of the new Trees, the fourth descendants of the legendary goldsmith will dedicate themselves to carry on the spirit of the original Tamarind Tree Goldsmiths as well as the distinctive family tradition of the art of gold creation.